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At the touch of a button, set the ideal temperature for different Scenes: Cooking, Watching TV, Sleeping, and let the system manage it for you.


Multiple Room Lights use to come with invasive wall switches. Today the user changes the button scene himself and controls all needed lights.

Sun protection

Automatic Shading protects you, your floor and furnitures and preserve your privacy.


Scene Shading will allow you to set the mood between artificial light and natural light

air quality

Automated ventilation for comfort and healthy air quality has now become a key factor in the overall ambiance in your home.

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energy savings

Allow the technology to do the work. Let your system take care of any forgotten lights, as well as efficiently manage appliances.


Our technology allows integrating various fields in a single Stunning Interface.

The keystones are "Simplicity" and "give the Control back to the user".

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