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We are using several technologies. However, our preference goes to the worldwide Standard in home and building automation, bringing thousands of users and professionals in a unique ecosystem.

Update electricity to the 

control level.


As a no IP based system,

it is hacker-proof

As a no Network-based system, it is failure-proof.

KNX is exceptionally reliable:

Remove the hassle related to technology and installation. This is as simple as Smart electricity ready for Smart homes and buildings.

KNX is low-voltage:

No metallic tube needed for the switch. All switches and keypads are now low voltage and wholly separated from high voltage.

It is safer and upgradable.

KNX is Green:

It helps to reach the highest LEED level.

This Ultra-low-power technology makes a more sustainable and more energy-efficient building.

KNX is fast and easy to install:

One communication cable throughout the building. It will reach anywhere you need a switch, a keypad, a touch screen, or any device to control.

KNX is innovative:

Creative designs from more than 400 manufacturers all over the world.

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